Nierika de Chaquira Huichol Circle - T+ri wa xukuri - Jícara for children - 160 cm.

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  • ◇ Technique: 11/0 calibrated glass beads pressed with Campeche wax and epoxy glue on a wooden circle.

    ◇ Dimensions: 160 cm. diameter.

    ◇ Production time: 155 days for a single artist.

    ◇ Authorship: José Manuel de la Cruz, Tatéi-Kie community.

    - Unique piece.
    - Includes certificate of authenticity.
    - More than 500,000 beads pressed one by one in this piece.

    At Marakame we work with innovative Wixárika artists who on this occasion have made a circle intervened with the beading technique. In any case, addressing the narrative of their traditional custom through the most representative symbols of their worldview.

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    ◇ Includes insurance in case of damage, theft or loss.

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Nierika from Chaquira

Nierika from Chaquira

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