Nierika of Worsted Huichol Painting - Muwieri - 30 x 30 cm.

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  • ◇ Technique: Painted with yarn on a wooden box.

    ◇ Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.

    ◇ Processing time: 15 days.

    Unique piece. Includes certificate of authenticity.

    Artist's manuscript:
    "Both jicara is the womb of wixarica where the holy water is preserved where the spirits of the ancestors also rest. Vessel of the spirits of the living beings where the human soul is kept called k+puromuye +tu hu sino kupuri mayetei aykutzita in the vessels where the human soul rests.
    The snakes represent rope, the protection of the pilgrim is like the guardian of the peyotero, fire is called Tateguari exatama guardian of the grandfather fire."

    At Marakame we work with five Wixaritari -Huichol- artists who create large-format pieces with the ancient technique of "Painted with Yarn", we decided to commission the artists with works of up to 6 m2 in surface area -these being the largest in the world in their style and technique-, from the old style to more realistic representations, according to the pictorial style of each creator, in any case addressing the narrative of their traditional custom through the most representative symbology of their worldview.

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Huichol Yarn painting

Huichol Yarn painting

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