Nierika de Yarn Huichol Circle - The footprints of the old woman - 120 cm.

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  • ◇ Technique: Stamen painting on a wooden circle.

    ◇ Dimensions: 120 cm. diameter.

    Unique piece. Includes certificate of authenticity.

    At Marakame we work with five Wixaritari -Huichol- artists who create large-format pieces with the ancient technique of "Painted with Yarn", we decided to commission the artists with works of up to 6 m2 in surface area -these being the largest in the world in their style and technique-, from the old style to more realistic representations, according to the pictorial style of each creator, in any case addressing the narrative of their traditional custom through the most representative symbology of their worldview.

    They represent the four sacred points, the lower part represents Tatey Aramara (sea), where the eagle goddess forms the first stone and the first land of the sea. With sacred offerings such as: peyotes (it is the heart of the life of the Sea), we also see clouds, snakes, arrows and the peyote deer in stone flames (representing that he was the first to move the clouds from the sky with rain inside from sea).

    The upper part: We see offerings made by a Marakame pilgrim who visited Xapawiyeme, which means the Sacred Lagoon of Chapala.

    On the left side we see a Marakame and his wife adoring the drum deer decorated with colored corn as well as the peyote child that represents the drum festival, as well as the blue deer watching the milpas grow, goddesses and offering muvieris, as well as the rock adorning as the child's maraka, as well as snakes as the spokesperson for the sacred place such as Auxamanaka, which means Cerro Gordo.

    On the right side we see the flower of the wind offering for a humor and a peyote representing the place Wirikuta which means Real de Catorce. The rain that we see in Real de Catorce is like the life of the peyotero in the central part. It is the earth representing the birth of the gods today as is the mother moon of the cloud. Just as the sun god, the light of the world illuminating the serpent gods that we see dancing, is a sign that the moon goddess sends us, such as swirling air or strong winds. The crown of golden arrows with magical rays represent the communion of the sun god communicating to the four sacred points and the crown that we see as the stars representing as repair of the year of the sacred places.

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Huichol Yarn painting

Huichol Yarn painting

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