Bottles Commissions | Huichol art - Marakame

Bottles Commissions

Bottles Commissions | Huichol art - Marakame

We have intervened more than 500 bottles commissioned by various brands and projects with micro glass beads pressed with special epoxy glue, for dissemination of the symbolism of the Wixárika worldview in Europe and the world, these projects have supported more than 15 families in the sierra wixárika.

Blue Label bottle decorated with Huichol art in micro beads with special glue, multicolored. Bottles of Rum Dictador in black colors intervened with Huichol art.
            Blue Label bottle of Johnnie Walker intervened with Huichol chaquira. Small mezcal bottles intervened with Huichol art.


Credit: Vinicio Herrera

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