Diplomatic gifts - SWY Program

Diplomatic Gifts - SWY Program - Huichol Art - Marakame
The Mexican delegation of the Ship for World Youth 32 (SWY 32) presented three diplomatic gifts made by Huichol artists to Ono Kenji, Vice-Governor of the Prefecture of Oita, Japan; Tanaka Kazuteru, President of the International Youth Exchange Organization (IYEO) in Oita; and to Ichiro Furuya, the Director of the Office for International Youth Exchange of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan.
The SWY program is a leadership training and cultural exchange program with the participation of 11 countries annually, being hosted by the Government of Japan, and during its 32nd edition visited the Mexican coast. Marakame is committed to spreading Huichol art in the world, seeking support for initiatives and projects of this nature.
Ichiro Furuya, Administrator of Ship for World Youth of the Cabinet Office of Japan, huichol art, japan huichol, huichol art, huichol gift

Photography: Ittai Flores


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