The song of the mara'akame

The song of the mara'akame - Huichol Art - Marakame

When the mara'akame sings throughout the night, he begins by alerting the gods to the five cardinal points to be aware, the mara'akame offers candles to be taken to the sacred places, starting with Haramara -San Blas, Nayarit- , then to the south Xapawiyemeta -Lake Chapala-, then to the north in Mukuyuawi Ututawita, Bernalejo, in the mountains of Jalisco, and then in Wirikuta, San Luis Potosí desert, finally returning to the center to Tatewari -our grandfather fire- in Teakata and its surroundings which are the ceremonial centers such as Tunuwame, Tseriekame, Wexikia, Kuyuaneneme, Yumuutame and Tropa.