Bat - Biguidi Ribeela– Huichol Art - Marakame

Bat - Biguidi Ribeela

Technique: Hand painted on copal wood carving with 23.5 carat gold leaf application.

Sizes: 33 83 cm x x 42.

In Marakame, since 2017 we have been personally directing the process of Zapotec figures whose original name is “tonas” or “nahuales”.
This unique and unrepeatable piece of Oaxacan Alebrije was created by the workshop of Mtro. Jacobo Angeles, and it is hand painted on copal wood carving.

Our Art Gallery serves as a creative platform that exhibits contemporary Wixárika and Alebrije Oaxaqueño Art proposals, as well as promoting Mexican art. This space is a prelude to the culmination of avant-garde projects that have been present internationally, the Marakame art gallery is in itself a visual experience that emphasizes those nuances of color that break with its sober walls.

On one side of the gallery we have the artistic production and supervision workshop, where we project and make the best pieces of Marakame.

We also have an artistic residence for Huichol artists who come for seasons to work on a project as well as to deliver all the work that they and their family produce in the Huichol community.
The space is located in the town of Santa Maria de Guido -Morelia, Michoacán, México-, this space was previously used by one of the pioneers of Mexican industrial design Don S Shoemaker in the 50s where the iconic chair was assembled regular sling.

* This piece currently belongs to a private collection.

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