Haiviya and Yulama - Masterpieces made between 2019 and 2023 - Huichol Art - Marakame

Haiviya and Yulama - Masterpieces made between 2019 and 2023

For 4 years, Arte Marakame worked in collaboration with Haiviya and Yulama (wixaritari names of Ángel Torres de la Cruz and Nicolasa López Reza), commissioning and accompanying the production of six pieces in the technique known as painting with thread, well known in the world. production of Huichol art.

This exhibition is special for several reasons. The works use a different variant of yarn than the rest of the worsted paintings, which allows the artists to use a wider range of colors, adding character and atmosphere to the complicated scenes and compositions, whether in round or rectangular formats. Another special characteristic is the discursivity displayed by Haiviya and Yulama, which is commented on and interpreted on this occasion by specialists in the study and promotion of Wixaritari expressions, such as Dr. Johanes Neurath, researcher Jorge Martínez Cabrera, and Dr. Olivia Selena Kindl. One more aspect: the works on display are already part of private collections, so this is possible thanks to the generosity of those who acquired these pieces. With the exception of one work, all those that were worked on in the artist-gallery interaction are present for the first and only time.

One of the substantial lines of Arte Marakame is social responsibility with the Wixárika community. Through the promotion of the production, exhibition and circulation of Huichol art, not only is an economy generated that benefits the families of the artists, but also a percentage of sales is allocated as a contribution to ceremonial centers, pilgrimages. and other custom activities. In order to continue this work, high quality original, signed and serialized reproductions are offered, so that more people can enjoy the messages conveyed by this collection about to be dispersed around the world.

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