Narrative of a Huichol painting on stamen

Narrative of a Huichol painting in yarn - Huichol Art - Marakame


Colorful codes, images and symbols that emerge from the virtuous heart of the Wixárika worldview. In which, human beings being elements belonging to a living world and in constant transformation, mother nature tells her stories and teaches the ways to relate to the spirit of the rains, the deer, the fire, the corn; that is, it makes them participants in and responsible for archaic natural technologies to sustain life in the world we inhabit. This symbiotic relationship between people, their ancestors and the forces of nature was called, "The Wixárika Custom".

Huichol Art affirms Life by contributing by spreading the sacred "Custom", building bridges of world communication, so that whoever possesses a piece imbued with sacred symbols, feels a different connection with life when contemplating Wixárika art. This is how each elaborated piece becomes a story, a story, a passage, an imprint of the stories that shape the luminous identity of being people on the planet.

Yarn paintings from Huichol Mexican artists

It is thus, from where we place these contemporary expressions of sacred symbols "Wixárika", so that in the global world we re-understand the understanding of belonging to the interconnected and interdependent fabric of beings that are part of life.

The "Stamen Paintings”With high technical requirements for their elaboration, they are exquisite pieces that contrast in color and form the living testimony of the history of the ancestors that shaped the world in which we live.

In this piece (200 cm x 70 cm), we observe 3 seasonal passages in the life of the “Wixárika” being. From left to right the author Manolo Castro, inhabitant of the community of "Tateikie", town of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco- Mexico; It tells us two vital ceremonies, the “Tatei Neixa” Drum Festival and the song for Brother Venado's hunt ”; while “Takutsi Nacawe”, the germinating great-grandmother of life, appears at the center of the observer. In the mythical flood of the “Wixárika” worldview, she saved a couple of people and formed the world in which we live. With his magic wand he does what he wants, so he reproduced the life of the people and they corn.

Huichol yarn nakawe

In the box of the song to request permission for a Deer to surrender in the sacred hunt and nurture the life of the ancestors, the "Calihuey" or "big house" major temple where the ancestral deities live and where the officers of the community assume their positions representing the ancestors. With the authorization of the deities the life of the deer extends to the 5 cardinal points where the ancestors live and from where they receive and feed on the life of the noble deer brother. The sacred offerings are presented with the fire grandfather "tatevarí", the jicaras and arrows symbols that cannot be missing to complete the agreements of the singing of the Marakame. With this the life of a new cycle for the world is assured and the “tuutu” (peyote) appears abundant in “Wirikuta” (sacred place in San Luis Potosí) so that the children and the community have strength, life and health. At the end of the engagement a bull (sacred animal) needs to be offered and sacrificed, worthy and sublime food for life. The bull travels with his breath and merges with mother nature, renewing and integrating into the cycles of life ...

Huichol singing in yarn

When the month of October arrives and the harvest of corn rises the Festival of the Drum, "Tatei Neixa" is necessary. The blessing of corn and its relationship with the life of the children of the community, manifests itself as a journey in their night's sleep. In this ceremony the Marakame magically takes the boys and girls to “Wirikuta”, where he presents them with their deity relatives. Fathers and mothers fast with the singer to be pleasing in the eyes of the goddesses and the gods who watch them. The skin of brother Venado "Maxa" who gave his life is used on a hollow log, named as "Tepu" (drum) and sounds in ancient rhythms to accompany the word of the sage "Wixárika" and his assistants. In this way future generations assure their divine kinship and their sacred path in the "Wixárika Custom".

Huichol stamen drum.