Wixárika Elephant Skull - Huichol Art - Marakame

Wixárika Elephant Skull

Technique: 11/0 calibrated glass bead on special epoxy glue.

Dimensions: 165 95 cm x x 80.

Production time: 2 years.

Place of production: Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

This work is an authentic skull of an African elephant. Visual Artist Fernando Motilla is the one who directed the artistic production, chromatic selection, modeling of synthetic fangs and design of new symbols such as human skulls embodied on the sides of the skull, so that three of the best Wixáritari artists who collaborate with Marakame: María Elena de la Cruz, Luis de la Cruz and Sergio Bautista will be in charge of the artistic composition of the work with 11/0 calibrated glass beads imported from the Czech Republic, of the highest quality. Likewise, they placed account by account with special epoxy glue, in such a way that the piece will last throughout the decades without any change. The tusks are a replica made with resin.

This work is currently part of a private collection.

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