The Soul of the Dead - Huichol Art - Marakame

The Soul of the Dead


The work called the soul of the dead, commissioned by Marakame to the Hernández Melchor family, fuses pitao bezelao and 3 power animals of the Zapotec calendar, Kuau'tli - eagle, koatl - serpent, and oselotl - jaguar. Pitao was represented by a human skull turned into a skull and found in the house of the eagles, therefore the skull is covered by the face of kuau'tli.

Venerated in sickness and death, the ancestors offered him chickens and copal.

In the skin of the work we can appreciate the oselotl skin that accompanied and covered the strongest warriors for battles. The duality of life and internal death represented by the work with Pitao Bezelao can be appreciated in the arms of the warrior.

Koatl / Serpent at the feet of the warrior represents the fire and the subterranean rivers of the souls of the dead; the dark base of the work connects with the deep and complete darkness of the underworld.

The Flint that the design carries on the right arm symbolizes the connection of the temple and adoration for the 7 steps that represent the levels to culminate in the point “called heaven”.

The result of this piece is 1 year 4 and a half months of work. Handmade in Zapotec artisan painting technique: animals, figures, tonas and nahuales. Popularly known as alebrijes de Oaxaca. Art applied with acrylic paint.

This piece was carved from a copal wood log.

Carving: 1.5 months.

drying: 1 year 8 months.

Restaurants: 3 months.

Integrated: 4 months.

* This piece currently belongs to a private collection.


Alebrijes with animal shapes in various high-end positions, made in Mexico