Huichol Cow Skull

The Huichol Cow Skull series is a remembrance of Wixárika ceremonial skulls, which are the result of traditional celebrations and a deep understanding of the flow of life and death.

The cattle that inhabit the Gran Nayar participate in the cosmology of the peoples
indigenous people by being part of the daily life of these communities. They are not only seen
born and grow in the fields and corrals. They are also seen dying and reproducing, in a cycle that never stops. All forms of life transcend through these
cosmic faces, bearers of the power that their symbols carry.

The eagle, the blue deer, corn and peyote, the sun god Tau —among many other
figures- are natural elements that inhabit the depths of the desert, there where
the visions that the marakames teach occur.

The Wixáritari artists apply more than 33 thousand calibrated beads on each
skull, alternating bright colors with symbols of your choice. although very
Similar to each other, none of these works is the same as another. Each one is unique and

-All pieces are unique.
-They are delivered with their certificate of authenticity.
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