Huichol Art Sculpture - Full scale giraffe head - Wirikuta

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  • ◇ Technique: 11/0 glass beads pressed with special epoxy glue on a realistic resin and fiberglass sculpture.

    ◇ Dimensions: 57 x 177 x 126 cm. - 23 x 70 x 50in.

    ◇ Production time: 205 days by three artists.

    ◇ Author: Arte Marakame sculpture studio and teachers Ramona, Julia and María Elena de la Crúz.

    - Unique piece.
    - Includes certificate of authenticity.

    Its presence is surprising for its volume, its elemental naturalism, but enriched with Wixárika art on its skin. The colors vibrate with a quiet serenity. Every inch of this body seems alive, the reconstruction is almost scientific.

    The art of Ramona, Julia and María Elena de la Cruz López – three Wixaritari artists from the community of San Andrés Cohabita – is manifested in this collaboration they carry out with Arte Marakame, on a special occasion that establishes common ground between science and original artistic practices. The support consists of a taxidermy mold – that is, a figure that was obtained from a real body with conservation interests – enriched with adjustments made from a sculptural perspective, and finally worked collaboratively between three sisters who help each other to produce pieces of visible quality and depth.

    A central element of this giraffe is the journey that hikuri, peyote, makes from its mouth to the base of its long neck. In the course of the figures that represent different stages of vision, the symbols that represent their culture and tradition are displayed: the hikuri, the cornfield, the candle that represents life, various animals and beings.

    The chromatic design that surrounds it innovates by incorporating translucent beads in its patterns, generating the sensation that warm colors (yellow, orange) float on the surface.

    *This piece travels in a professional packaging and ready to hang on the wall.

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