About our pieces

Since 2013 we have distinguished ourselves by the production and export of unique and unconventional pieces of Huichol art from Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

Huichol artist making a Dunny piece of art from Kidrobot in a landscape of the Sierra Madre Occidental

Mtro. Sergio Bautista from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.


In Marakame we have works that are made using two basic techniques: beading and yarn painting. Which are carried out in an exhaustive period that goes from a week to months of work.

Huichol artist wearing a feather hat and traditional costume, making an art piece that is a multicolored bull.

Mtro. Casiano de la Crúz from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.


Both Fernando and Marcela have connected the production of these pieces, collaborating from an unorthodox space, participating in the world of the Huichol artist; the spirituality of art. It is within each of these Huichol pieces, crafted with an unfaltering determination, that contains the symbolic designs of ceremonial practices; giving form and expression to their philosophy and practice of life. By participating in this culture, they have been able to understand and verify that Mexico has a very profound and largely undiscovered cultural wealth.

A Huichol artist and Fernando Motilla with a piece of art sculpture by Cesar Orrico intervened with Huichol art in red.

Mtro. Luis de la Crúz from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco, and Fernando Motilla, partner of Marakame.


In Marakame we specialize in the cultivation and sale of collectables and, working with the Huichol, we ensure that each piece is produced to an impeccable standard. The elements of the worldview of these artists are reflected in their craft, making them unique and unrepeatable artworks. Each artist has a particular way of sharing their knowledge, colourful emotions, shapes and visions. From the origins that have been, for centuries, shaping their spiritual importance, such as the blue deer, corn, the eagle, and the "tuutú" (peyote) rose, and all descendants of the Sun God "Tau"; to the emerging symbology of contemporary Huichol artists with conceptual meanings, every idea has emerged from the Huichol culture and its numinous traditions.

Huichol indigenous boy with a piece of green art representing a deer

Luis Mario de la Crúz de Tatei-Kie, community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.


Every time someone acquires a piece of Huichol Arta direct contribution to the preservation of the Huichol culture is delivered through its purchase, via our Marakame AC Foundation. In return, it is also bringing into your home, or private collection, a record of the history of life in the universe, derived from Wixárika knowledge.

Two Huichol women with two sculptures, a bear and a deer in gray and blue colors, are in a corn field.

Wixaritari artists Maria Guadalupe and Hilda Yesenia de la Crúz from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.


Through Marakame, Marcela and Fernando work to create a bridge through Huichol Art to deliver the extraordinary colours and fine details of a contemporary indigenous Mexican culture.

Huichol indigenous woman intervening with crystal bead pieces of KidRobot Dunny and Munny. In the background there are trees.

Prof. Ramona de la Crúz from the community of San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco.