Cow Skull Huichol Art - Tuutú Iyari

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  • ◇ Technique: Glass beads pressed with improved campeche wax on authentic skull.

    ◇ Dimensions: 63 x 62 x 43 cm. 25 x 24 x 17 inches

    Unique piece. It Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

    Pieces such as cattle skulls are the product of a traditional Wixárika -Huichol- celebration and are possible thanks to the gluing of more than 33 calibrated glass beads, one by one by the hands of Wixáritari artists. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

  • ◇ Express shipping worldwide totally free.

    ◇ Professional packaging.

    ◇ Includes insurance in case of damage, theft or loss.

    ◇ Satisfaction guarantee: Free returns up to 10 days after receiving your order.

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