Huichol Art Sculpture - Rhinoceros Head - Xuxawe

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  • ◇ Technique: 11/0 glass beads pressed with special epoxy glue on a realistic resin and fiberglass sculpture.

    ◇ Dimensions: 69 x 74 x 98 cm. - 28 x 30 x 39in.

    ◇ Production time: 140 days by three artists.

    ◇ Author: Arte Marakame sculpture studio and teachers Ramona, Julia and María Elena de la Crúz.

    - Unique piece.
    - Includes certificate of authenticity.

    Sculpture commissioned by the visual artist Fernando Motilla to the Marakame Art sculpture workshop, born from the idea of ​​a taxidermy mold enriched with horns, ears, eyes, to be later covered instead of real rhinoceros skin, with a cloak of Czechoslovakian crystals for months of work pressed in active meditation by visionary artists Ramona, Julia and María Elena de la Crúz from the Wixárika community of Tatéi-kie.
    *This piece travels in a professional packaging and ready to hang on the wall.

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    ◇ Professional expanded foam packaging.

    ◇ Includes insurance in case of damage, theft or loss.

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