Nierika Huichol Stamen Circle - Watakame - 120 cm. | Huichol art - Marakame

Nierika Huichol Stamen Circle - Watakame - 120 cm.

      • ◇ Title: Watakame.

        ◇ Technique: Stamen painting on a wooden circle.

        ◇ Dimensions: 120 cm. diameter.

        It Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

        The creation of the world after Watakame found the Kauyumari, who was the one who established the second world, which is when we die and take a journey through the path where our mother Eagle stops receiving the offerings and watches over us through the roots ; she responds to our ancestors, there our grandfather fire receives the song that the peyoteros make.

        The color of this painting is born from three elements, the yellow roots together with the herbs that are dry, the green corresponds to the rainy season, all this reflects a sacred life that falls on this gourd of the gods.

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