Nierika de Estambre Huichol Circle - Werika - 120 cm. diameter | Huichol art - Marakame

Nierika de Estambre Huichol Circle - Werika - 120 cm. diameter

      • ◇ Technique: Painted in yarn on a wooden circle.

        ◇ Dimensions: 120 cm. diameter.

        ◇ Author: Luciana Benítez.

        It Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

        The deer is the main character in this story. Because it starts from the beginning of the deer brother, a place in the desert where his soul descended, revealing that the soul of the deceased was captured in a gourd and a ritual is performed on the deer to decide whether to enter the world "Werika" or stay the underworld. It is when deer run among the grasses that our mother is born from the earth to mark the birth of life through corn and plants; that for pilgrim men, nature was new because the sun was born in it, and the incarnation of the deer is marked in the peyote that has as its purpose the protection and the wisdom of the gods to speak and listen. The arrows on the peyotes signify the birth of a child who is the next hunter. He opens his heart to our ancestors to serve to cultivate the land.

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