Nierika de Yarn Huichol Painting - Uykuri tsimaruni - The forbidden Peyote - 120 x 120 cm.

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  • ◇ Technique: Painted with yarn on a wooden box.

    ◇ Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm.

    Unique piece. Includes certificate of authenticity.

    In this painting we see Tatey aramara where the white rock has been formed, called where the shaman mara'akames go to ask for powers and wisdom during their study. As mara'akame on that stone they carry prepared offerings that they have made in a ceremony, offerings such as sacred candles, drums, arrows and muvieris healers. At the same time they make their evenings at the tip of the rock that they consider as a mother goddess; On that stone at night the tree of the wind appears in the shape of a deer's head where the messenger birds come together with prayers and prayers offered by the mara'akame on their peyote evening. The path of the gods from Tatey axamara to Wirikuta begins. At sunset the mara'akames see the sun god, how he hides the sea as well as the mother moon, the sun in danger at night among dangerous snakes and the moon hiding in happy fish the offerings we see on the path of the gods, represent the food of the traveling gods when they walk on a pilgrimage to the two most important points of the gods.

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