Huichol Stamen Giant Nierika - Nakawé - 200 x 200 cm. | Huichol art - Marakame

Huichol Stamen Giant Nierika - Nakawé - 200 x 200 cm.

      • ◇ Title: Nakawé.

        ◇ Technique: Painted with yarn on a wooden box.

        ◇ Dimensions: 200 x 200 cm.

        It Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

        The representation of the symbol of the goddess who founded the world in which the old woman "tatuxi nakawe" was left, where she appeared in the dark and where the guide who found the first chosen one to found the three worlds was found, starting the tour without seeing the shores and boundaries.

        A command that begins with 5 days of fasting fighting the flood without knowing that it was visiting the 4 sacred places and the main center of our gods, that is where the first world begins. In the first one is the mother water that has its five rivers; there the wind, water and cold are born. The pilgrims who arrive in the desert and form the path to deposit the offerings with the help of the messengers and the elder brother of the gods, the white-tailed deer; there they give the life of the "Kauyumarie". With it they ask for cleanliness and protection, faith being the face of the gods that embody the path of the serpent in the sacred gourd where the search for brother fire begins to illuminate with the arrow and give the sign of where the place was to may our gods rest: arrows, corn, the eye of god were shaped to indicate the tradition of traditional festivals. The drum that speaks with the sound to speak with the Watakame who threw the seeds to make the cornfield sprout of colored corn.

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