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Imperial Fighting Bull

He is a great warrior, a guardian of his species, recipient of all his virtues. His mission is to “be”: to live and prosper through the generations. He is the protector of the seed. His abilities make him formidable in attack, but for now he stands still and serene, wrapped in colors and weaves that adorn his cosmic skin, filled with stars and ancient wisdom.

El Imperial Fighting Bull is one of Master Pieces for the Marakame Art Collection. This work is for someone who recognizes the value of the exceptional beyond the first sight, which is recognized in ideas like justice, prosperity and transcendence. These remain present in the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, expressed in the forms of a mythical fauna that materializes before our eyes.

The blue color covers its front and back, giving it the color of starry nights as a cover. White is a light canvas on which the fine lines of the brush are manifested, making the skin resemble a detailed and precious textile. The green finally contributes the integrity and depth of his musculature, adorned with symbols that come from the ancient Zapotec wisdom, present in codices and Mesoamerican buildings.

Since 2017, at Marakame we have carried out the creative direction of Zapotec figures —whose original name is “tonas” or “nahuales”—, commissioned to the best contemporary alebrije authors. He Imperial Fighting Bull It is a collective work that was carved in cedar wood and painted by hand for 11 months. But it is thanks to a 4-year process that it has been possible, since the different stages it required —including carving, drying, decorating and sealing— were carefully and closely cared for. For this reason it is an unrepeatable and exceptional "Tona", something difficult to find.

It is available for sale. If you are interested in learning more, contact us.


Data sheet:

Imperial Fighting Bull (unique piece)

Hand painted cedar wood

225 x 136 x 110 cm

Carving time: 4 months.
Drying time: 2 years.
Painting time: 11 months.


It is delivered with a certificate of authenticity

It is currently part of the Marakame Art collection, being available for sale. If you are interested in your purchase, contact us.


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