Social Responsibility


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Huichol Art thanks to the purchase of each client, through their Marakame Foundation contributes to collateral aspects of support for Huichol families, such as direct financial support systems, support for family health, support for the realization of their pre-Columbian customs and the proposal to merge new techniques and materials to carry out conventional Huichol art with beads and yarn.

Huichol family with the mountains in the background in a hazy landscape.

The Artist Luis de la Crúz with his family in Tatéi-Kie Ph: Vinicio Herrera.


Since 2017 and to date we have been remodeling the Tseriakame Ceremonial Center in the Cohamiata community belonging to San Andres -Tatei-kie- Municipality of Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico. 

Tseriakame which is the Huichol ceremonial center in Tatei Kie, Sierra Madre Occidental in Nayarit.


Tseriakame Ceremonial Center - Cohamiata.

Process of construction of spiritual ceremonial places of the Huichols. It is a preview of the work from 2017 to 2019.


Tseriakame Ceremonial Center - Cohamiata



Two Huichols singing traditional wixárika songs with a campfire, in their typical costumes, against a background of plants, flowers and an altar.

Ph: Marta Ballesteros


Luis de la Cruz, Huichol artist in his traditional white and purple dress, in a background that can be seen in the mountains of Nayaritas.
Huicholes setting up an altar at the Hikuri Neixa to offer to their gods.

Ph: Alan Ortega

Credit: Vinicio Herrera


huichol art skulls