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Refund policy

As they are pieces that are handcrafted with great care and high quality, there is always the possibility that there are some minimal defects, so the recommendations that we include in the package that is sent should always be followed. However, if your merchandise has a significant defect, please mail to within a period of no more than 14 calendar days with your full name or the name of the person who made the purchase order, photographs of the product and what is damaged, broken, or missing. The case will be analyzed and up to six different alternatives are offered, reserving the probability of any additional ones, as the case may be, and if we consider it so:
1. Exchange for another piece, which being unique, would be selecting one or more to your liking as long as the price at which the piece was purchased is equivalent to that of the requested piece.
2. That the part be returned to us, repaired and resent.
3. Money back-upon receipt of the piece in our studio.
4. Credit available for when there is a piece to your liking.
5. Partial refund to cover restoration costs.
6. Redo the piece.

In any of the six cases, depending on the damage to the part, we reserve the right to request that the part be returned for repair and disposal for sale, the shipping cost of which would be covered by us.
In the event that you must return the piece, it must be with a packaging equivalent to the one that protected it when it arrived at its last destination, as we packed it. Otherwise, we could have a total loss of the part, so there would be no return.
It is worth mentioning that by buying a product in Arte Marakame, you are accepting these policies.

Please note:
If the damaged crafts were purchased from a dealer, please contact them directly and follow their refund policy. Arte Marakame does not accept returns of crafts purchased from distributors.

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