Shipping policy

The Process of the purchase order, product packaging and personalization of the certificate of authenticity (when the client so requires): 1 to 2 business days.

When your piece is on its way, the DHL express guide number should arrive in your mail, which you can track through In a limited number of occasions, the piece may be sent by another courier.

The client will always be solely responsible for the address granted for the reception of the packages, which arrive in a normal schedule from 09:00 to 20.30:XNUMX. on any business day. In case the order is not received at your address, we can gladly assist you in contacting the parcel service; and in very special circumstances even reimburse the purchase.

National shipments

For any part of Mexico the shipping of any of our products is totally FREE.

The arrival of shipments takes a total of 1 to 2 business days from the purchase order.

International deliveries

For any part of the world, the shipment of any of our products is totally FREE.

Marakame sends the art pieces to any country in the world. The pieces that are of animal origin are fumigated and varnished in their entirety so that there is no problem when entering any country, in addition to being of legal origin.

Consider that you may be required to pay taxes in your country when the pieces arrive there.

International shipments take 2-4 business days to arrive in North America and 3-7 business days to the rest of the world. You can consult directly with us details about it.