Ceramics of Mata Ortiz - Diptych plate and vase

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  • ◇ Technique: Sgraffito and hand-painted on ceramic with turquoise inlay.

    ◇ Dimensions: Plate 19 x 17 x 15 cm. and vase of 23 x 19 x 19 cm.

    Author: Hector Gallegos Jr.

    Unique piece. Includes certificate of authenticity.

    Two concentric figures marked by a turquoise pulse. The desert, the earth, the sky, the footprints on the roads, time, an essence. Perhaps all these elements are protected in this set of pieces that are containing and contemplative at the same time. A plate to serve, a pot to protect. This diptych is an invitation to give and keep.

  • Héctor Gallegos Martínez (Chihuahua capital, 1981) is heir to a well-known family ceramic tradition. In the effort to develop his own path, he abandoned painting for geometric patterns to experiment with an animal-themed language. He masters all ceramic manufacturing processes. He frequently performs collaborative works with Laura Burgarini. Together they promote the contemporary tradition in Mata Ortiz at a national and international level.
    Along with his artistic work, he has cultivated a long career as a promoter of Mata Ortiz ceramics, as well as health, food and body culture; him achieving important recognitions both in Mexico and abroad.

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