Huichol Cow Skull

Pieces such as cattle skulls are the product of some traditional Wixárika celebration -Huichol- is possible thanks to the gluing of more than 33 thousand calibrated glass beads, one by one by the hands of the Wixáritari artists.

Each piece has the elements of the worldview of these artists embodied in a different way, which makes them unique and unrepeatable works of art, since each artist has a way of expressing their feelings, their colors, their shapes and visions, from the elements that have been shaping for centuries due to their spiritual importance, such as the blue deer, corn, eagle and peyote, all descendants of their Sun God "Tau"; to emerging symbols of contemporary Huichol artists with a conceptual meaning, which has emerged from the Huichol culture and its shamanic traditions.

-All pieces are unique.

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