About us

 Huichol Art is a brand that proposes a creative way of merging art, design, and culture. We believe that we can make this trilogy of concepts converge through our project of dissemination and marketing of unique pieces of Mexican Art: Wixárika Art (Huichol), Oaxacan Alebrijes and Mata Ortiz Ceramics. Our pieces are made by families from diverse rural communities including the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Chihuahua, and Oaxaca.

It is a joint idea of ​​the Visual Artist Fernando Motilla and Marcela Abarca, who found fascinating the work of beads and yarn of the Huichols, so detailed in its color, precision, mystical symbology and its conception of the universe; This motivated him to make the revaluation of each piece made by these artists notorious and necessary and place it as a living and beating history of contemporary indigenous culture of Mexico for the World. It was along this path that they found other types of art, such as the Alebrijes in Oaxaca and the Ceramics of Mata Ortiz; each of these three arts, unique in its quality, its design and its origin.

The central idea of this project consists of disseminating, commercializing and revaluing pieces of Mexican art, traditionally considered as "handicrafts"; in addition to showing that the realization of a piece and its mythical symbolism are intimately intricate with a social and cultural dimension, little known to the world.

To this dimension, Arte Marakame contributes in collateral aspects of support to the Huichol families such as family health support, nurturing the knowledge of their pre-Columbian customs, as well as the fusion of new techniques and materials, from the innovation of conventional Huichol art with beads and yarn through the Marakame AC Foundation.

Huichol artist in his traditional costume with purple eagles, a sculpture by Cesar Orrico intervened with a red and black bead and Fernando Motilla on the right.

Artist Wixárika Luis de la Crúz with Fernando Motilla.