pottery philosophy

Ceramic Philosophy - Huichol Art - Marakame

People admire the designs, sliding their eyes over the symmetrical figures that decorate each pot, inviting meditation, according to their capacity for analogy, but above all to the way of feeling art, within each individual.

Mata Ortiz ceramics with turquoise

In Mata Ortiz there was a phenomenon of social cohesion around pottery, each person embodying the spiritual dimension of their own lineage, works that travel in time, space and in silence show the world the glory of art, whose vestiges They serve as inspiration.

The message that each vessel shouts in impressive silence is shocking, many times the ignorant question the subtlety of these pottery pieces without understanding the transcendence and the message of pure art, whose rock roots still continue to amaze those who have the joy of contemplating them.

Black pottery exhibited in Marakame gallery

The ceramics of Paquimé and that of Mata Ortiz present very similar behaviors, made with the same materials, they carry a message of peace and harmony, it is difficult to specify the thoughts of the artists who made them, in the past they were religious ideas, today they are artistic, since the Paleolithic era graphic messages were already left that today lead us to deduce much from the thinking of our ancestors, the same thing happens with the work of Mata Ortiz, without being written texts, they speak for themselves, sending messages that some One day the men of the future will decipher it, becoming a literature that future generations will interpret. The cave paintings of the Casas Grandes region show order, design, art and abstraction, like a suspended echo they hide their message, sometimes protected with natural shelters and others, defying inclement weather, as silent witnesses of a glorious past. , giving rise to conjecture, decorating the immense loneliness, bearing witness to the silence of each century.

Ceramic mouth from Mata Ortiz with traditional painting

The silence of the past throbs in the heart of the clay pieces that were hardened with the ancestral fire of their creators, our ancestors; his own soul was reflected in each of his creations.

Pottery is fantastic for its tinkling sound and spectacular colouring; by the natural shine that arises from the same rock that later turns into mud; by the intricate lines that are born from the artist's mind and whose features express the feelings of his own heart; by the fine and slender lines that seem to have been painted with the brush of an angel and through which the wildness of the desert landscape and the brilliance of a starry sky on a summer night were united. There is no doubt that the spirit of the Paquimeites will live for all eternity in the design of their pottery, that ancient art that the inhabitants of Juan Mata Ortiz have perfected and taken to unimaginable limits.

Five Chihuahuan ceramics in different high-end techniques