Huichol Art Sculpture - Great Quetzalcoatl

Huichol Art Sculpture - Great Quetzalcoatl - Huichol Art - Marakame

Technique: 11/0 calibrated glass beads pressed with epoxy glue on copal wood sculpture.
Unique and unrepeatable piece. It is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions: 105 163 cm x x 73.

Carving time: 4 months.
Drying time: 2 years.
beading time: 11 months.

Huichol Art innovates and integrates the skills of the Zapotec artists, fusing the pieces achieved by them with the visual and manual dexterity of the Wixárika by gluing tiny-sized beads one by one, presenting here a figure that has more than a million beads of crystal from the Czech Republic, and which were placed for periods of more than 300 days.

The choice of colors, shades and symbols embodied are particularly unique and come from the spiritual "vision" that each Wixárika artist possesses. Virtues accumulated since childhood that adapt and suggest cultural fusion with the pieces of Zapotec copal.

The creation of this work of art took around three years, being a piece of great proportions that can hardly be found.

It is currently part of a private collection. If you are interested in seeing other pieces of this type, visit the collection of Huichol Art Sculpture.