KidRobot - Munny & Dunny edition | Huichol art - Marakame

KidRobot - Munny & Dunny edition

Dunny, munny from kidrobot operated on with chaquira, huichol art

Special edition from authentic Dunny from the KidRobot brand commissioned by Marakame to eight artists from the Sierra Madre Occidental Mexicana with the technique of "painting with glass, steel and gold bead imported from the Czech Republic" on special epoxy glue. In the three sizes of 4``, 7 '' and 18``. All unique pieces that narrate their worldview through the symbology of their culture. A piece of art that cannot be missing in the best collections of KidRobot and Wixárika - Huichol Art.

Credit: Vinicio Herrera

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