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An anthropological look at his proposal for Intercultural Pointillism.

The Work of Fernando Motilla Zarur and the Wixaritari Artists: An Anthropological Look at Their Intercultural Pointillism Project.

By MC. Javier Ignacio Martínez Sánchez

The gaze that regards the gaze; small, implicit details in the work that impregnate it with symbols of the everyday, both contemporary and ancient…

When we approach Fernando Motilla Zarur's art project, we travel to the world of his fellow artists, to the preciseness of detail where their styles and worlds converge, where, with more than a million and a half glass beads, they silently project the fine details of perceptual attention. Contemplating their work, we see two complementary cultures, Wixaritari (Huichol) culture and mestizo culture, both symbiotically sharing and nourishing their sense of existing in life, in art. In this project we see a mirror of the global reality of the world in which we live. Fernando places himself in their creative time and extends a communicative bridge across which he ushers not only a piece of art, but also a shared piece of the everyday, full of color. Being well versed in the more intimate, human side of things, Fernando includes Huichol culture within his creative vision and journeys to the very heart of their mountainous homes in order to locate a new sense of artistic creation. His work also includes a social dimension of support and sustenance for the families of Luis and Sergio de la Cruz, his fellow artists.

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Making use of his creative capacity, Fernando observes the panorama of Huichol art, known throughout the world for its use of geometrical patterns captured in picture frames and gourds, and brings these patterns to the world of pointillism. Through his work, Fernando thus creates a technical and spiritual alliance with the Huichol world. Not only does he become an apprentice in this traditional technique, but he also shares his own mastery as a visual artist with Luis and Sergio. Regarding the gaze, we are transported between lines to a thousand-year-old world in which precipitous ravines and urban streets coexist harmoniously with the well-traveled corners of color, perspective, and shading in these artists' work.

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